As Seen On Pinterest: Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Self care step one


A post about using coconut oil on your hair went viral this week on my Pinterest. My hair is a bit of a hot mess from pregnancy and I had some coconut oil sitting in my pantry, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My hair is pretty long, almost to my bra strap, so I used a chunk that fit in the palm of my hand. I’d say probably about the size of a small bar of soap. Turning my head upside down, I started running the bar of oil through my hair.

Here’s where I would make a change in my approach. I would soften the oil up considerably next time. My hair is so fragile right now that I felt the rough pull and snag of the room temperature oil pulled some hair out. I’m sure room temp oil in the summer would work just fine but right now, with  cold weather approaching and our heat off, it was just a bit too rough. As the oil warmed in my hands, it became easier to manipulate and massage into my hair.

And then I realized I didn’t have a shower cap. Obviously, I hadn’t thought this through. I called for the kids, cited my oiling hands and asked them to get me the plastic wrap. We all managed to wrap my head up and I let it sit for about a half hour. Maybe forty five minutes.

I bribed the kids with marshmallows and hopped in the shower.

It took me a couple washes to get the oil completely out, but it was completely worth my time. My hair was so soft after it dried and not greasy at all! It’s had a lot more life to it these past few days, too. I can’t see this happening every week (I don’t have enough marshmallows!) but I’m going to make an effort to do this at least biweekly, for sure.


As Seen On Pinterest: Doll Hair Taming

Floating around Pinterest is a concoction of fabric softener and water that supposedly tames unruly doll hair. My beloved Felicity American Girl doll has horrible hair and I loved the idea of fixing it instead of sending her to the pricey doll hospital.

Before testing it out on my childhood friend, I decided to attempt it on good ol’ Pinkie Pie.


I put 2 tablespoons of Mrs. Myers fabric softener into 2 cups of water. I spritzed it heavily on her hair, combed it gently and set her outside to dry.


This was the end result! I also tried it on a pony from the 80s to see if older hair mattered and it actually took the solution better than the McDonalds toy.

In 2 weeks time, both ponies had frizzy hair again. They got tossed right back into the toy rotation, so maybe if they had been display toys it wouldn’t have happened. Also, I felt like their hair had a weird, tacky residue. Maybe if I had used a main stream fabric softener (Mrs. Myers is plant based) or less fabric softener to water, it wouldn’t have happened. Who knows.

While I wouldn’t use it on my AG doll, it makes for a great pony salon day.

As Seen On Pinterest: Cucumber Water

Source: via Dallas Ann on Pinterest


I had such high hopes for cucumber water. It seemed an easy way to get my water down. Almost elegant. I’m not a fan of the taste of water and I don’t like the water flavor additive packets you can get at the store.

At the first sip, I paused. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or if it tasted how slugs would feel sliding down my throat.

Second sip, I still couldn’t decide.

I drank the entire half gallon over the next 2 days (couldn’t bring myself to put it to waste) and came to the conclusion that the idea is lovely but it’s all slugs to me.

In case you’re curious, here is the recipe I tried:

Cucumber Water

2 quarts cold water
1 medium cucumber, washed and thinly sliced
3 sprigs of mint, gently crushed

Mix all ingredients together and thoroughly chill. Sip and enjoy.

As Seen On Pinterest: Sidewalk Paint

The kids loved sidewalk paint! It didn’t load well onto regular paint brushes, so they used q-tips for painting. It worked well enough, though I suspect that sponge brushes would work best.

2 TB corn starch
4 TB water
Gel Food coloring until desired color. I used neon shades and it seemed to need a lot of food coloring to get the shade we wanted.

Mix well and have fun! Washes off easily with water to create a clean canvas for next time.

Meaningful work (kind of). Scrubbing the front porch at Mama's request.

Sometimes, I think Miles enjoys the cleaning more than the painting.

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