WIP: Striped coat

I've modified this pattern so much. Hoping I like how it turns out.

Putting this out here for accountability.

At this very minute, all I have left on this fall sweater (for Hazel) are the sleeves and picking up the button band. That’s it! Nothing else. I modified the original pattern SO much that I didn’t have a full grasp of just how much work it was going to be. The 6 inches of pleats at the end really burned me out.

To make matters worse, I have the most AMAZING yarn calling my name. It’s actually begging me to knit it up. Instead of spurring me on to finish the sweater at record pace, I’m dragging my feet even more. I don’t even pretend to understand that one.

I’m well past the first day of autumn. The wind has a crisp bite to it and my baby needs her sweater.

Must. Get. Knitting.

WIP means Work In Progress, for you non crafty folks. 😉





Some highlights from my week, via Instagram. Follow me @Candiedginger. ❤

{1} Ella’s eye dilation experience.
{2} Broke the cardinal rule of motherhood and woke a sleeping baby.
{3} Spider children.
{4} Dancing in the rain. Finally!
{5} After a 4 month hiatus, I’m picking up knitting again. It feels so good.
{6} Cooking is community.

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