Serenity Now

Escaping to the forest within the city.

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling angry, upset, and helpless. My normal go to is eating something with a ridiculously high sugar content and turning on the television for the kids. That never ends well for me. My energy surges then plummets and I’m left with all the previous emotions PLUS a struggle to control them due to the sugar crash.

So instead, I loaded up the kids after school and took them to the forest preserve that is in a nearby town. I hoped to  find calm and wear out the kids so bedtime would go smoothly.

Mama is feeling a bit bananas.

We started out and I was feeling a bit bananas, as the kids say. Ella was kind enough to document my emotional state.

The kids want me to hike up where?

I nearly gave up when I saw where the kids wanted to hike. They were so eager and excited that I didn’t have the heart to persuade them to try a different trail. With each step up that hill, I pushed my negative emotions out through the soles of my feet and breathed in the forest air.



I found beauty along the way to nourish my soul.



And we made it to the top. Everyone intact and no skinned knees. I pushed away my negative emotions and on the way down, tried to embrace replacements of acceptance and trust. I wasn’t completely successful, but that’s okay. I’m still learning. Serenity can be elusive. Besides, don’t we all learn more on the journey than at the destination?



We made it back to the van, the kids with pockets full of pebbles and acorns and I had a lighter heart.

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