As Seen On Pinterest: Doll Hair Taming

Floating around Pinterest is a concoction of fabric softener and water that supposedly tames unruly doll hair. My beloved Felicity American Girl doll has horrible hair and I loved the idea of fixing it instead of sending her to the pricey doll hospital.

Before testing it out on my childhood friend, I decided to attempt it on good ol’ Pinkie Pie.


I put 2 tablespoons of Mrs. Myers fabric softener into 2 cups of water. I spritzed it heavily on her hair, combed it gently and set her outside to dry.


This was the end result! I also tried it on a pony from the 80s to see if older hair mattered and it actually took the solution better than the McDonalds toy.

In 2 weeks time, both ponies had frizzy hair again. They got tossed right back into the toy rotation, so maybe if they had been display toys it wouldn’t have happened. Also, I felt like their hair had a weird, tacky residue. Maybe if I had used a main stream fabric softener (Mrs. Myers is plant based) or less fabric softener to water, it wouldn’t have happened. Who knows.

While I wouldn’t use it on my AG doll, it makes for a great pony salon day.

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