As Seen On Pinterest: Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Self care step one


A post about using coconut oil on your hair went viral this week on my Pinterest. My hair is a bit of a hot mess from pregnancy and I had some coconut oil sitting in my pantry, so I thought I’d give it a try.

My hair is pretty long, almost to my bra strap, so I used a chunk that fit in the palm of my hand. I’d say probably about the size of a small bar of soap. Turning my head upside down, I started running the bar of oil through my hair.

Here’s where I would make a change in my approach. I would soften the oil up considerably next time. My hair is so fragile right now that I felt the rough pull and snag of the room temperature oil pulled some hair out. I’m sure room temp oil in the summer would work just fine but right now, with  cold weather approaching and our heat off, it was just a bit too rough. As the oil warmed in my hands, it became easier to manipulate and massage into my hair.

And then I realized I didn’t have a shower cap. Obviously, I hadn’t thought this through. I called for the kids, cited my oiling hands and asked them to get me the plastic wrap. We all managed to wrap my head up and I let it sit for about a half hour. Maybe forty five minutes.

I bribed the kids with marshmallows and hopped in the shower.

It took me a couple washes to get the oil completely out, but it was completely worth my time. My hair was so soft after it dried and not greasy at all! It’s had a lot more life to it these past few days, too. I can’t see this happening every week (I don’t have enough marshmallows!) but I’m going to make an effort to do this at least biweekly, for sure.

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