Insta Week

Insta Week

A highlight reel of my week, via Instagram.

(1) Amazing gluten free muffin that I will be posting about next week!

(2) Best after school snack EVER. (ps she loves those huge bows)

(3) Epic popcorn fail involving coconut sugar. The kids still ate it, though…

(4) Miles mimicking a cartoon character frantically searching for something. All while I was in the bathroom for 30 seconds, max.

(5) Miles say the phrase, “I love you” to the tune of Jingle Bells. I joined in and we both felt loved.

(6) Out of the world food came from that Brazilian grill. YUM.




Some highlights from my week, via Instagram. Follow me @Candiedginger. ❤

{1} Ella’s eye dilation experience.
{2} Broke the cardinal rule of motherhood and woke a sleeping baby.
{3} Spider children.
{4} Dancing in the rain. Finally!
{5} After a 4 month hiatus, I’m picking up knitting again. It feels so good.
{6} Cooking is community.


Moments from the past week, via Instagram. Feel free to follow me @CandiedGinger.

That spot in the middle is for me.    The current love of my life

stalagmite ice cube. It's a mystery.    For you.

Treasures found.    Etch-A-Sketch : Life Skills

Decompressing with a ridiculous book and a (finally) sleeping sad baby.

{1} I get the middle. {2} My current love.
{3} Mysterious stalagmite ice cube. {4} For you, Mama.
{5} Treasures. {6} Life skills, via Etch-A-Sketch
{7} Decompressing after a week of a Man Cold.

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