Staving Off Insanity

The past few weeks have been rough. They’ve been full of unexpected, unhappy change and new stress. Our family is all struggling and I’ve been having to dig deep to stave off simply checking out from my family. You know, being physically there but escaping in your mind to someplace else.

I’ve discovered that one of the keys, for me, in remaining fully present is by providing myself with daily self care. Weekly solo escapes to the coffee shop or library are wonderful and needed, but don’t always happen. Sometimes there is just too much junk going on at home. And those once a week moments never seem like enough if that is all I’m doing to take care of myself.

Now, I’m trying to take care of myself in at least one little way each day. Nothing extravagant, no online shopping sprees on Etsy. Rather, small things that are easily attainable, easy to sustain and can happen daily.

Self care step one

That post about coconut oil treatment for my hair? That was a self care moment. Just giving myself time and permission to just take care of myself. Bonus was that my hair looked AMAZING after and was a huge moral boost.

Self care, step two. My favorite lunch on a paper plate.

Making my favorite lunch. The kids tend to not eat much for lunch, so I might as well make something I love and they’ll probably just pick at (as they would with anything I would serve?).

Self care part three. It's pretty sad that I think washing my hair counts self care.

Investing in decent shampoo and actually taking the time to condition my hair. Conditioning may not happen *every* shower but once a week is attainable!

Self care number four: kisses with baby, who loves with reckless abandon.

Smothering my baby with kisses, who loves with reckless abandon, and soaking up her giggles. Some days are just crazy and I get to the “witching hour” just before dinner prep without having taken care of myself. I know, without a doubt, that it will be worse than normal if I don’t do something ASAP. So I set the big kids up with playdoh and step outside with the baby to just take a moment to breathe. Often, that ends in lots of giggly kisses and I return to the kitchen with a sense of renewed energy.

If I take care of myself daily, I find I have more to give to my family and life in general. Those now infrequent trips to the library or coffee shop don’t serve as a reminder of how little I get out. Instead, they act as intended: providing me with some solid time to myself. Even when they were weekly events, I felt like I was just grasping at the fluttering pieces of me and just taping them together best I knew how. Since I’m finding time each day to tape myself back together, time away rejuvenates and encourages me.

How about you? What are ways you take care of yourself?

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  1. Abby

     /  October 31, 2012

    paxil and red wine…?

  2. Helena

     /  November 5, 2012

    Most recently, after my daughter is in bed for the night, I make sure to get some quality snuggles and newborn-head-smelling in with our new addition. I may sneak a piece of leftover Halloween candy while doing so. 🙂


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