After 3 kids, I finally get to buy one.

I have pined and lusted after a Sophie the Giraffe for YEARS. Every since Ella was tiny, I’ve wanted one but just couldn’t justify it. I finally bit the bullet and ordered one. This might be our last baby and she’s growing so fast. I wanted a Sophie the Giraffe in my house, so I had better get her sooner rather than later.

After three kids and a click of the mouse, I waited and waited until  Sophie the Giraffe finally showed up on my doorstep via Amazon.

I gushed over her in her tiny little box. Then I pulled her out and felt how nice the texture was — not gritty and not slick. Perfect for a teething babe.

Then my beautiful Sophie the Giraffe squeaked and the world as I knew it ended.

We don’t purposely choose toys that independently make noise for our home. Kids are noisy enough. Come to find out, my ultimate baby toy makes noise and Hazel screams whenever I take her away.

Also? She smells like a tire.

Doomed. I’m completely doomed.

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  1. Virginia

     /  September 12, 2012

    I could have written this post.

    I pined for it.
    Bought it.
    It is always under a foot, a cushion, squeaking on its own. It has the loudest squeak!
    But, V adores it. BFF.

  2. Oh dear…poor Prentices!

  3. Megan

     /  September 12, 2012

    I’m so glad I’ve never seen one of those. She’s so cute, that I may have fallen for it too. NO SQUEAKIES!

  4. I bought one of those for my goddaughter and now I feel kind of bad. Poor mama!


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